Zinc Aluminum alloy Wire

Product NameZinc Aluminum alloy Wire
Diameter range
Weight range
5kgs ~500kgs
Packing detailWooden Reel /coil/roll
Surface treatment

Eletro Galvanized With Caron Steel hot dipped Galvanized Wire

zinc coating
Tensile strength
Min. order
1 ton

Zn-Al-Alloy Coating Iron Wire is actually a special alloygalvanized wire also named as galfan wire. Wire diameter ranges from 1.24mm-5.5mm.We offer Zinc Aluminum alloy Wire(Al5%,Zinc 95%) or (Al10%,Zinc 90%) types.Wire dia: 1.24-5.5mm; Tensile Strength:1290~1340Mpa。

Product Features

  1. Zinc and aluminum spray coating has similar stability of the aluminum layer, but also has a similar zinc coating and spray the electrochemical protection, it is an ideal anti-seawater corrosion protection layer.
  2. Compared with pure zinc wire and pure aluminum wire, the coating has a strong adhesion, abrasion resistance and better corrosion resistance, superior performance characteristics such as construction, zinc-aluminum alloy steel wire as sacrificial anode coating member on the surface, can be so that member to extend the life of 5-10 times.
  3. Zinc aluminum alloy wire surface properties: smooth surface, no corrosion products, glitches and cracking and shrinkage.

Zinc Aluminum alloy Wire

Product processes

Zinc ingot aluminum alloy wire material used in all high-quality distilled 0 # zinc ingots, zinc ingots of high purity, more than 99.995% zinc content,Raw materials used in all high-quality aluminum ingot, high purity aluminum ingots, aluminum content of more than 99.8%.Zinc aluminum alloy wire production is the use of modern automatic extrusion lines, one is the use of advanced electric furnace smelting line. Drawing on automatic roll bar and automatic drawing equipment, the use of automatic precision layer winding machines and automatic loading machine, the production process strictly enforce the ISO9001 on the packaging: 2000 operating regulations, detailed track record table, to ensure that high-quality products , efficient production and timely production to meet customer needs.

Chemical Indicators

We can according to user requirements production of special zinc alloy wire.

Chemical composition (%)ZnAlCdCuFePbSiTotal
standard value (%)84~8614~16≤0.005≤0.01≤0.05≤0.005≤0.12≤0.17
Measurements (%)85.27414.60.0020.0010.020.0030.10.126

Physical indicators and diameter tolerances

Physical indicatorsDiameter tolerances
projectindexdiameter (mm)tolerance (mm)
Tensile strength (Mpa)≥1200.3~1.0+0.00 -0.03
The Elongation (%)≥201.0~2.0+0.00 -0.05
Melting point ( ℃)385~4602.0~3.0+0.00 -0.06
Density (g / cm³)5.6~5.83.0~4.76+0.00 -0.07

Packaging and loading

packing:20-50kg/coil plastic inside and linen outside/ weave outside,We can also be packaged according to customer requirements

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