Tie Wire (Rebar Tie Wire)

Product NameTie Wire (Rebar Tie Wire)
Pvc Coated or annealed
0.5mm - 4.0mm
Length20m - 600m
Coil weight
0.3/0.4/0.5/0.7/1/1.5KG or as your requirement
Carton, pallet or according to customer requirements
Min. order
1 ton

Tie Wire (Rebar Tie Wire) ,annealed or PVC coated wire are mainly used for tying and support of plants in gardens or other binding uses.

Product Details

Tie Wire (Rebar Tie Wire) is commonly used for tying and fixing in concrete construction. It is a link forsteel barswhich provides reinforcement. According to different surface treatment can be divided into Black annealed tie wire, Galvanized tie wire, Tie wire with PVC coating, Twisted Tie Wire, Twisted Tie Wire.

Tie Wire

Black annealed tie wire

Material: low carbon black annealed wire.
Wire diameter: 0.5mm - 4.0mm.
Length: 60m - 600m.
Feature: annealing treatment improves work ability and service life. It offers excellent flexibility and softness due to its oxygen free annealing process.

Galvanized tie wire

Material:super carbon steel.
Wire diameter:0.5mm - 4.0mm.
Length:20m - 400m.
Feature:the zinc-coating layer makes the tie wire great
in corrosion resistance.

Tie Wire

Tie Wire

Tie wire with PVC coating

Material: low carbon annealed wire with PVC coated.
Wire diameter: 0.5mm - 4.0mm.
Length: 20m - 150m.
Feature: PVC coating gives protection to the wire, and prolongs the service life of the wire.

Twisted Tie Wire

Material:galvanized wire and black silk
Wire diameter:0.5mm - 4.0mm.
Feature:Twisted with galvanized wire and black silk higher tensile strength, tied more firmly, more long-term life.
Tie Wire

Packing and loading

packing:Carton, pallet or according to customer requirements

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