Hot-dip Galvanized Wire

Product NameHot-dip Galvanized Wire
Diameter range
0.45 ~ 5mm
Weight range
10kgs ~500kgs
Packing detailIn coil,wrapped with weaving bag or hessian cloth
Zinc coating
Tensile strength
Min. order
1 ton

Hot-dip galvanized wire is melted in a heated liquid zinc, production speed, but uneven coating thickness, the minimum thickness of 45 microns market allows up to 300 microns or more. Darker, more consumption of zinc metal to form the base metal layer and infiltration, good corrosion resistance, hot dip galvanized outdoor environment can be maintained for decades.

Hot-dip Galvanized Wire Details

Hot-dip Galvanized Wire we produce offers excellent flexibility and softness. The zinc coating can be 100g/m2, 200g/m2 and 300g/m2. Single coil package for hot-dip galvanized iron wire can be different from 10 kg to 1000 kg. Custom orders for hot-dip galvanized wire also available.


  1. Galvanizing improves corrosion resistance wire and greatly expands its scope.
  2. Galvanized wire can withstand the negative impact of the environment and increasing their service life.
  3. It has better aesthetic properties.

Product processes

Hot galvanized wire made of high quality low-carbon steel wire rod processing, is made of high quality low-carbon steel, after drawing molding, pickling rust, high temperature annealing, hot galvanized and cooling and other processes processing. If you want to get more information,Please click on send inquiry.


  • Diameter : 0.1mm ~ 6.0mm, All available.
  • Zinc coating weight : 100 ~ 500 gram/m2 .
  • Tensile strength :290 ~ 1200 MPA.
  • High carbon wire:1000 ~ 1870 MPA.
  • The specifications are in confirmity with customers' requirements or relevant standards.
  • Note that :Our products are produced according to your special demands or the relevant standards. So that please inform us your specific requirements.Galvanized wire 9 gauge and galvanized wire 12 gauge is the most used type.

Hot dip Galvanized Wire

The table of wire gauge

Wire GaugeSWG mmBWG mmMetric system mm

Packaging and loading

packing:10-800kg/coil plastic inside and linen outside/ weave outside,We can also be packaged according to customer requirements. If you want to get more information,Please click on send inquiry.

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