Gas drive pins

Product NameGas drive pins
MaterialSteel, #60 steel
Length13 mm to 38mm
Shank Diameter
Strip color
red,write,black,blue,yellow ,green
Packingbox, bag, carton,palle
Min. order
1 ton

Our company adopts high-quality 55# 60# steel wire, with moderate hardness, can completely resist C40 high-strength concrete, no folding, no bending, no cap.

The plastic row has a soft and hard distinction and a color difference. Red, orange, blue, black, transparent, gold, etc. Other colors can also be customized.Differences in gas length 148 165 Gases All gas guns are common.

Product models are available 2.7*19 3.0*19 2.7*22 3.0*22 2.7*25 3.0*25 3.0*27 3.0*32 3.0*38 3.0*50

Can be processed and customized not commonly used specifications, but also sample processing custom shaped nails. Nail type.

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