Galvanized Concrete Nail

Product NameGalvanized Concrete Nail
Materialhigh quality low carbon steel Q195, Q215, Q235 or other materials as your request.
electro galvanized or hot dipped galvanized
plain , textured , round
diamond point
plastic bag, carton box, wooden box or your nominated package methods.
Min. order
1 ton

Galvanized Concrete Nail - A Sharp Penetrator of Masonry.Galvanized concrete nails are the most popular type of fasteners securing objects into masonry and other hard and brittle materials. Therefore, they are also called as masonry nails.

Product Details

With thick shank, this versatile nail is popular with architects and commonly used in building construction and home improvement projects, such as

  • Securing furring strips and wood framing to concrete wall and blocks.
  • Fastening a ledger board to a foundation.
  • Securing hand rails on a concrete patio.
  • Finishing off a basement.
  • Building a garage on a poured slab, etc.

They are manufactured of hardened steel providing higher rigidity to make sure that it will not bent and break off when penetrating the solid concrete. Flat head and sharp conical design enable it much easier to be driven. The shank of nail is generally considered as what gives concrete nails a very strong holding power. So they are often thick, short with different types: round, square and fluted as shown in the pictures:

U Type WireGalvanized round concrete nails
U Type WireGalvanized square concrete nails
U Type WireGalvanized straight fluted concrete nails
U Type WireGalvanized concrete nails without head

Product Specification

3/8"202"12 / 11
1/2"20 / 19 / 182-1/2"11 / 10
5/8"19 / 183"10 / 8
3/4"18 / 173-1/2"8 / 7
7/8"18 / 174"8 / 7 / 6
1"164-1/2"7 / 6 / 5
1-1/4"15 / 145"6 / 5
1-1/2"146"6 / 5 / 4
1-3/4"137"5 / 4
Tips: Custom sizes are also available.
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