Black Annealed Wire

Diameter range
0.5 ~ 6.5mm
Weight range0.5kg ~ 500kg
Packing DeatilPlastic inside
Hessian cloth outside
Min. Order
1 Ton

Black Annealed Wire is made of carbon steel wire(Q195), it's obtained by means of thermal annealing, endowing it with the properties it needs for its main use setting. and it's deployed both in civil construction and in agriculture in general. hence, in civil construction annealed wire, also known as "binding wire". We can provide all diameter of black annealed steel wire ,mainly BWG16 black annealed wire.

Black Annealed Wire Details

Black Annealed Wire's colors are black and bright, color uniformity. Surface slightly oiled, enhanced rust resistance. 1.6mm black annealed wire is the most popular in our daliy use.

Black Annealed Wire Conventional packaging

Different national markets have different weight requirements. We can produce ordinary packaging from 0.8kg - 50kg for customers, and large roll of more than 50kg are also possible.

Black Annealed Wire Processes

Black annealed iron wire is the raw material Q195 wire rod in the processing which is wound around the wire drawing plants, stretcher to a smaller wire diameter, and then firing, annealing, reduced hardness, improved toughness, after repeated stretching and calcined to achieve wire diameter and hardness customer requirements.

Packaging and loading

Wire diameter range of error is generally ± 0.05, the weight of each disc 2% deviation in the normal range.

General internal use plastic film moisture isolation, to prevent rust. External woven or linen wrap to prevent breakage during transport. Usually a packing container volume of 25 tons to 29 tons, according to the standard weight limit is different shipping companies and the national ports.

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Common specifications

Silk number, also known as line number, wire gauge (wire gauge), according to these figures 1,2,3 order to identify, the larger the number, the thinner the wire diameter. 300 years ago, no rolling and extrusion technology, wire rod, forming forging technology is very primitive and simple measurement tools are very rough, so the printing on the number of times drawn as a wire thickness standards. One pull each time increase, compared to the blank line number 0. Because there are many workshops, craft and not the same, so the wire diameter is no uniform standard. Later, the prosperity of the global trade, internationally recognized standards began to take shape, in addition to the common metric units of measurement methods, American Wire Gauge (AWG), Birmingham Wire Gauge (BWG) and the British Empire Standard Gauge (SWG) are also recognized by the international trade measurement methods. If you want to get more information,Please click on Request a Quote.

Wire GaugeSWG mmBWG mmMetric system mm

Black Annealed Wire Q&A

  1. The use of black annealed wire
    It can be used to bundle items, commonly used wire diameter range is between 1.2 to 2.0. We will wire the second annealing treatment, so that the wire is more flexible, easy to operate.
  2. The color of black annealed wire
    Without any surface treatment, the surface is black. We can spray through the surface, let it become black and bright colors, and have a certain anti-rust performance.
  3. The best weight of black annealed wire in single roll
    General 15 to 30kg more appropriate, often do the weight is 20kg. Too heavy to use when inconvenient, too light will increase the production cost.
  4. The volume of containers
    According to the national customs, shipping companies on the container weight limit, generally not more than 25 tons.

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